Choosing a Good Cat Collar

Your cat’s collar is essential for holding ID tags, as well as making a good leash attachment should you decide to try walking your pet—yes, you can walk your cat! Ask your veterinarian how to get started. Below, a North London veterinarian discusses some of the features of a good cat collar.

Closure Device

First, check the closure device on the collar you’re considering. A good collar will have a strong snapping or buckle device that will keep the collar securely around your cat’s neck. Make sure it’s easy to open and close, but strong enough to hold on.


The majority of collars are made of nylon. This is a good choice because it is strong, resilient, tough to break, and shouldn’t irritate your cat’s skin. Some collars even have reflective strips built into them to make your cat more visible when lighting is sparse. There are alternatives to nylon, though, including leather. Ask your veterinarian what sort of collar might work best for your cat.


You’ll want a collar that contains a quick-release mechanism. This is a safety device that automatically releases the collar from around your cat’s neck when it gets caught on something, preventing accidental strangling or other injury.


While you’re in the store considering the collar you want, check to make sure it has a good adjustment feature that will work for your cat’s size. Remember, if you’re buying the collar when your cat is a kitten, it needs to be able to fit when your cat is fully grown. Regularly check your cat’s collar when it’s around his neck—two fingers should fit comfortably between your cat’s neck and the collar material.

What to Avoid

Never put a collar or leash designed for dogs on your cat. Also, avoid slip collars and choke collars—these are designed for dogs and are primarily used for training, and they could cause serious injury to a cat. You don’t want to hurt your cat while you’re trying to help him! Consult your North London veterinary professional for more advice on choosing a great cat collar.

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