How to Limit Your Dog’s Shedding

Almost all dogs—with the exceptions of hairless breeds and a few others—shed regularly as a healthy part of life. It might be natural, but it sure is a pain to see your new furniture covered in dog hair. Below, a London veterinarian advises you on limiting your dog’s shedding.

See a Vet

Before doing anything, set up an appointment with your vet to have your dog examined. While shedding is healthy and natural, excessive shedding could be a sign of a health issue. Any problem will be caught early and treated as necessary. Even if your dog is healthy, your vet can advise you on further methods to control shedding, like those listed below.


Healthy dogs need a high-quality diet with enough fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, and minerals to keep their skin and coat functioning properly. A great dog food is the first line of defense against skin problems and excessive shedding. Consult your vet for a recommendation based on your dog’s age, size, and breed.


Regularly brushing your dog’s coat will do wonders for cutting back on shedding. Brushing removes loose hair, keeping it off your furniture and carpet. It also spreads natural skin oils throughout the fur, keeping it moisturized and healthy. Some dogs benefit from grooming sessions as often as once per day!


A bath every few months or so will keep your dog’s coat clean and get rid of excess fur. Be sure to use a specially-formulated dog shampoo, as human shampoos are often too harsh for pets’ skin. Ask your London vet what type of shampoo to use, and how often your particular dog will benefit from a rub in the tub.

Treat Allergies and Pests

Allergic reactions, whether to pollen, dust, dirt, or other triggers, can make your dog itch and scratch himself, leaving excess hair all over your home. Pests like fleas and ticks can also result in hair loss. Take your dog the vet’s office to have him treated for these pests, and get him on a regular preventative medicine. You’ll see less shedding around your home as a result!

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