How To Live With a Pet You’re Allergic To

If you’re one of the millions of people who are allergic to your own pet, you may worry that you’ll have to get rid of your four-legged companion. Don’t jump the gun, though! Try these tips from a London vet to live in harmony with your beloved pet.

Groom Pet Regularly

Do your part to combat the problem at its source—your pet! Groom your pet daily if need be; use a brush to remove loose or excess fur and get rid of dead skin cells. Regular bathing can work wonders, too. Always use a pet-safe shampoo, available at pet supply shops and veterinarian’s offices. Bathing will remove the dander you’re likely allergic to, letting you be in close proximity to your pet without consequence.

Create an Allergy Free Area

Set aside one area of your home—your bedroom, a basement room, or perhaps the entire basement if possible—and designate it an allergy-free area. Prohibit your pet’s access to this area, and use high-quality air filters and allergy-fighting furniture covers. This way, the allergic person can have a place in the home that’s completely free of allergens.

Air Filters

Don’t limit air-filter use to the allergy-free zone. Set these up all over your house to help reduce the pet dander in the air. Ask your vet for a recommendation.

Regular House Cleaning

Dust your house weekly, paying special attention to hard-to-reach surfaces like blinds and shelves. Vacuum frequently—carpeted floors are havens for allergens. Regularly shampoo and vacuum all furniture, pillows, pet beds, curtains, and any other allergen-prone surface.

Test for Other Allergens

Remember, you might be allergic to something more than just your pet. Have your doctor or allergy professional test for other allergens that you’re reacting to, and get treatment accordingly. Sometimes, the pet isn’t the only one to blame!

Talk to your London veterinarian to find out other helpful ways to reduce pet-related allergen concentrations in your home. Using the right techniques, you can manage your allergies and live in harmony with your pet once again!

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