Traveling with Your Reptile

Your reptilian pet may not be as common of a travel companion as a dog or cat, but they can certainly be brought along on your family’s next vacation or day trip! Use these tips from a North West London veterinarian to make the trip as safe and smooth as you can.

Always Use Carrier

Rule number one for traveling with your reptile: always keep him in the carrier. Make sure it’s sturdy and secure. Letting your reptile roam free in a car, public transportation vehicle, or in a public place is never a good idea. Keep your pet in the carrier for the duration of the trip and check on him frequently.

Research Travel Methods

Before leaving, consider your method of travel. If you’re going by car, you should be okay. Keep in mind, though, that not all public transportation methods might allow pets, much less a snake or lizard! Air travel can be especially tricky; your pet may be relegated to the cargo hold, or not allowed across certain borders. Do your research before leaving home so you’re not taken by surprise halfway through your trip!

Pack Supplies

Of course, you’ll need to pack all the necessary supplies for the duration of your reptile’s trip. Bring along food, water, bedding, heat lamps, medical supplies, medical records, and anything else your pet might need. Ask your vet about certain items you may not have thought of, and remember to bring along the office number in case of an emergency.

Take Breaks While En Route

While traveling, make sure to check on your reptile frequently. It’s best to take breaks every couple of hours at least. It’s always a good idea to have someone sit next to your reptile’s carrier and keep a constant eye on him.

Check Destination

Before leaving on your trip, remember to check your destination. Not all hotels allow pets of any kind, much less reptilian ones. You’ll be in for a surprise if your pet isn’t welcome once you’ve reached your destination, so do your research beforehand.

Talk with your North West London veterinarian for more helpful recommendations on traveling safely with your reptile.

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