Getting Your Pet to Take Her Pill

If you’re pet has ever been prescribed medication in pill form, you know how difficult it can be to get your pet to actually take the medicine! Below, a North West London vet outlines the three standard ways of administering your pet’s pills.

Hiding Method

Perhaps the easiest way to give your pet a pill is to hide it in food or within a treat. Try putting the pill in a ball of food and letting your pet eat her meal at dinnertime. Or, try pressing the pill into the center of a treat and feeding it to your pet. With any luck, your pet will gobble it up without realizing she’s taking medicine. Of course, this method won’t work with particularly sharp pets—some can detect the pill in food despite your best efforts!

Crushing Method

Sometimes, pet owners will be able to crush up a pill and sprinkle it over food or mix it in. Use a hammer, two spoons, or a mortal and pestle to crush up medications, and then sprinkle the powder over food or try mixing it to hide it better.

It’s important to check with your veterinarian before trying the crushing method. Some medications shouldn’t be crushed up—there’s a chance they won’t be effective, or even worse, they may be administered too quickly when ingested, leading to dangerous health complications for your pet. Call your vet’s office before crushing a pill and feeding it to your pet—your companion’s health depends on it!

Administer by Hand

If these methods don’t work, you’ll have to give your pet the pill by hand. Wrap your pet in a blanket, holding the pill in one hand. With your other hand, open your pet’s jaws, then place the pill in the back of the mouth. Close your pet’s jaws and massage the throat to stimulate swallowing. Ask your vet for a demonstration of this procedure if you need help.

If you’re still having trouble getting your pet to take her medication, you can always bring your pet back to the clinic and have a professional try. Set up an appointment with your North West London vet today!

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