Immunizations for Kittens

August is Immunization Awareness Month. Are you up to speed on the vaccines your kitten needs? Help your beloved pet live the safest, happiest, and longest life possible. Learn about the essentials from a North West London vet.

The Distemper Vaccine

Distemper is a very contagious disease that can cause dehydration, loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, and worse. Because of it’s dangerous and highly contagious nature, all cats should receive the distemper vaccine in their core batch, early on in life.

The Calicivirus Vaccine

Calicivirus attacks a cat’s upper respiratory symptoms, causing pneumonia, blisters, ulcers, and more. It’s not curable, and is highly contagious. Obviously, it’s safest to have your cat on the vaccine from the get-go rather than deal with the Calicivirus after the disease has taken hold! Ask your vet for more information on this dangerous viral strain.

The Viral Rhinotracheitis Vaccine

Cats infected with viral rhinotracheitis become carriers forever, even after the disease is treated. They’re then able to pass it on to other healthy cats for as long as they live. The rhinotracheitis vaccine can help prevent the spread of this virus, so talk to your vet if your cat hasn’t had the vaccine.

The Feline Leukemia Vaccine

This disease is also incurable. It’s commonly spread through direct cat-to-cat contact, sharing food bowls, playing, and fighting. As such, it’s important to get your cat this vaccine when she’s still a youngster.

The Rabies Vaccine

Everyone’s heard of this one—the rabies vaccine is incredibly important because of its dangerous symptoms and the ability to be transmitted to all other mammals, including humans. The rabies vaccine is even a legal requirement in most areas!

Have more questions about the vaccinations your kitten needs? Wondering when these vaccines will need updates to keep your cat healthy and protected? Give your North West London vet’s office a call to find out more. It’s one of the best things you can do for your cat’s health throughout her life!

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