Inside Look at Your Dog’s Grooming Appointment

Your golden retriever Molly has gotten completely out of control. Your work schedule has gotten crazy, and you had to cancel last month’s grooming appointment. Now, Molly’s coat is looking pretty scraggly, and her leg feathers are dragging on the ground when she walks. You’ve arranged to get Molly groomed before she visits her North West London veterinarian for her upcoming regular checkup. You’re just a little curious, though, about the timeline of Molly’s marvelous transformation from ragamuffin to beautiful-looking dog.

Arriving at the Party

Most grooming shops operate a little differently than hair salons. Even though Molly has a scheduled appointment, her grooming service will likely take several hours to complete. You’ll drop Molly off at her prearranged time; and you’ll probably pick up your cleaner, fresher pooch sometime in the late afternoon.

When Molly bounces into the grooming shop, the receptionist will warmly welcome her (and you), and will ask about special grooming instructions. Perhaps Molly needs a specialty or medicated shampoo (bring it along); and maybe you’d rather not have water in your dog’s ears. Maybe you’d like Molly’s coat trimmed a certain way. This is the time to make your wishes known. After that, Molly’s groomer might begin your dog’s pre-bath prep work; or Molly might spend a little time chilling in her kennel, waiting for her turn in the tub.

Thorough Bath Preparation

Molly needs a good brushout before her bath; otherwise, her coat’s tangles will morph into cement-like mats when mixed with water. If Molly’s entire coat has gotten matted, the groomer might choose to give your dog a good shavedown rather than cause her pain by trying to remove the mats. Molly’s pre-bath prep work also includes a nail trim and probably a good ear cleaning, too.

Those Awful Anal Glands

While Molly has made it to the tub, she’s not yet ready for her bath. First, the groomer must express Molly’s anal glands, two small fluid-loaded glands that generally empty when she defecates. No, the groomer doesn’t enjoy this smelly process, but keeping Molly’s anal glands emptied reduces the chance of a medical problem down the road.

Canine Spa Treatment

Finally Molly gets to enjoy her bath, complete with a warm shampoo, delightful massage, and thorough rinse. Next, Molly’s groomer dries her coat with a carefully positioned kennel dryer or hand-held dryer. After that, Molly gets a vigorous brushout, and the groomer clips her coat according to the breed standard. She might even get a colorful bandanna as a reward for her good behavior.

When Molly next sees her North West London vet, she’ll be a stylish, well-groomed girl who can happily show off her brand-new look.

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