Keep Your Guinea Pig Comfortable and Well Fed

You’ve just decided to round out your furry family with Rocky, a very sociable guinea pig. Although these little guys are among the larger rodents, they’re rarely aggressive and generally don’t scratch or bite. While Rocky will likely enjoy human companionship, he’d also love hanging out with other guinea pigs in the same spacious enclosure. Before you bring Rocky home to your family, you’ll take him to your London veterinarian for a complete physical exam. While Rocky’s getting a good once-over, you’ll ask your vet how to keep Rocky comfy and well nourished.

Climate-Controlled Location

While Rocky will appreciate a quiet spot with no loud noises or excessive traffic, he also wants to be near your family. Establish Rocky’s base camp in a room with consistent 65 to 79 degree temperatures, but with no direct sunlight. Also remember that Rocky can’t tolerate high temperatures and humidity, as those conditions can leave him vulnerable to heat stroke.

First-Class Living Quarters

Rocky deserves the equivalent of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, so make sure he gets it. Give Rocky a spacious wire, metal, or sturdy plastic enclosure. While Rocky needs good ventilation, you don’t need to cover the enclosure’s top, since he won’t try to climb out of his classy new digs. For smoother poop cleanup, and to avoid Rocky’s foot and leg injuries from a wire mesh bottom, use a nice solid flooring material. Every day, give Rocky brand-new bedding made from recycled paper litter or shredded newspaper.

Nutrition-Packed Diet

Your vet will likely say that Rocky should eat a high-quality pellet formulation supplemented with leafy greens and vegetables. Since guinea pigs are notorious for rebelling against sudden diet changes, give Rocky plenty of variety so he’s used to something new in his bowl. Ask your vet if Rocky also needs specific vitamins added to his diet. Remember to give Rocky lots of fresh water daily, using a sipper water bottle you attach to the cage exterior. This way, Rocky can’t contaminate his water with feces or bedding scraps.

Plenty of Playtime

Since Rocky’s an energetic guinea pig, give him lots of opportunities for exercise. Along with Rocky’s cage exercise equipment, create a walled-off interactive play area without chewable wires, outlets, or baseboards. Linoleum, tiled, or wood floors will work nicely, especially since you might need to clean up after Rocky’s daily workouts.

Of course, Rocky needs to see his London vet for a yearly physical exam, along with fecal tests and blood work. During these visits, your vet can also identify developing dental disease that often affects guinea pigs. Now that Rocky’s got a great home and top-notch vet care, he can enjoy his life with your family.

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