Traveling with Your Dog

Do you bring your furry pal with you whenever possible? Many people enjoy being out and about with their furry best friends. When it comes to long-distance travel, however, bringing Fido may be a bit more complicated than just letting him hop in the car for a quick trip to the park or a friend’s house. In this article, your local vet North West London goes over some do’s and don’ts of bringing your furry friend along with you when travelling.


If you’re headed home for the holidays, visiting friends or family members, or perhaps just taking a few days to relax and unwind at a camp or cabin, it may seem only natural to bring Fido along. Even if you don’t normally crate your buddy on short rides around town, bringing Fido’s crate is definitely recommended when it comes to long distance trips. Your dog may get more restless in the car than usual, and it’s much safer for you if he is confined. Having a little traveling home will also make him feel comfortable, and may make him more likely to nap. It’s also safer to have him crated in a strange environment, so he can’t run away or chew up your Aunt Bea’s sofa cushions out of nervousness.


Make sure to take Fido on a long, vigorous walk before leaving. You don’t want to exhaust him, just burn off any excess energy and tire him out enough so that he’s likely to nap along the way. If you’re driving, stop every few hours for a brisk walk, so your pup isn’t bursting with energy when you arrive at your destination. When you get to your destination, immediately take your buddy out for a long walk. This will give him the chance to take in the smells and sounds of a new place, and let both of you explore the area together!


Be sure that Fido’s vaccinations, ID tags, and microchip are all current, and bring copies of his records with you. You’ll also want to be sure that your dog is wearing ID tags with your phone number attached. It wouldn’t hurt to add a temporary plastic tag with the address and number where you’re staying, and the dates of your vacation. Never let your dog run around unrestrained in a new place. Even if Fido is perfectly well-behaved at home, a new environment may make him uneasy or eager to explore, and he may not be able to find his way back if he gets lost.

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