Caring for Your Dog’s Teeth

Have you checked your dog’s teeth lately? Our canine buddies may not be known for having bright white teeth and fresh breath, but that doesn’t mean Fido doesn’t need dental care. Dental care is actually very important to your dog’s overall health, yet many pet owners unintentionally overlook this crucial area. Below, your local vet North West London goes over some basic facts about your furry pal’s teeth.

Dental Problems

Dogs can develop many of the same dental issues as people do. Gum disease; abscesses; and cracked, loose, or infected teeth are a few common canine dental problems. These issues can not only become very painful for your furry pal, they can contribute to a slew of other health problems, including heart and liver issues.

Symptoms Of Dental Issues

Extreme bad breath is a common sign of dental problems in dogs. Excessive or bloody drool can also indicate dental issues. Visible tartar buildup is another clear sign that your canine buddy’s choppers need some attention. Swelling or abscesses are also indications that something is wrong with Fido’s mouth. Just like people, our canine friends can also find it very painful and difficult to chew and eat with a bad tooth. Dogs with dental problems may stop playing with chew toys, and may gravitate to softer food.

Caring For Fido’s Teeth

The best way to keep your dog’s teeth healthy is to brush them. It’s best to start brushing Fido’s teeth when he is still a puppy, but older dogs can still learn to tolerate having their teeth cleaned. To teach your canine buddy to sit still for teeth brushing, you’ll want to work in phases. First, get him used to having his teeth and gums touched. Then, try massaging his gums and teeth gently with a finger. Follow each session with a yummy treat, so he learns to associate tooth care with positive experiences. Once he’s accepted this, it’s time to try using a toothbrush and doggy toothpaste!

Other Methods

If Fido won’t stand for having his teeth brushed, there are still ways for you to help keep his teeth clean. Dental treats, chew toys, and plenty of fresh water are all good for your dog’s oral health!

Does your pup need his teeth cleaned? Do you suspect he has dental problems? Please contact us, your local vet clinic North West London, if we can be of assistance.

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