Fun Facts About Gerbils

Have you recently considered getting a gerbil? Gerbils are one of the most popular pocket pets, and with good reason. These little cuties are not only adorable to watch, they are very gentle and easy to care for, which makes Gerbie the Gerbil a suitable pet for children. In this article, your local vet London offers some fun and interesting facts about these sweet little furballs.


These little guys are originally from Mongolia. Boys are called hobs, and girls are jills, while babies are kits. The word ‘Gerbil’ is derived from ‘Jerboa’, which is a term for desert rodents from Asia or North Africa. They live an average of 2-3 years. Gerbie’s teeth never stop growing, so, like many pocket pets, he needs to chew constantly!


Gerbils generally have pale tummies. They like to fill those little bellies with fruits, veggies, and nuts. Some of Gerbie’s favorite treats include carrots, apples, cheese, and pumpkin seeds. Sunflower seeds are Gerbie’s favorite food!


One very cute habit gerbils have is ‘thumping’. This is when gerbils pound their back legs on the ground. Gerbils thump when they feel very excited or anxious. Gerbie might thump if he spots you holding a bag of sunflower seeds! Groups of gerbils will all thump together. Baby gerbils thump for no reason at all!


Gerbie is very clean! They proudly hold the title of the cleanest rodent on Earth. Those little tiny kidneys are the reason gerbils are so clean. Since they originated in deserts, gerbils have adapted to produce less waste, and what urine they do pass is clean and odor-free.


Gerbils are super sociable, and are happiest when they live in same sex pairs. Everyone needs a BFF! A single gerbil with no buddies will get lonely and depressed. Handling a gerbil frequently will keep it tame and friendly. They can even be trained to do simple tricks, like flips! These little cuties love taking naps!


Gerbie’s tail is usually as long as his body. Never pick Gerbie up by the tail, as this could result in detached skin.


Gerbils build burrows by digging out tunnel mazes. They like to build homes with lots of rooms for sleeping and storage. Pet gerbils need nest boxes to feel safe and secure.

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