Strange Ways Your Cat Shows Affection

Kitties are wonderful animals. Our feline friends are undeniably adorable, both in appearance and in character. Cats are known for being a bit mysterious, and one area where they are particularly perplexing is their way of showing affection. In this article, your local London veterinarian discusses some of the rather unusual ways cats show their love.


It’s hard to beat that cozy feeling of being warm and comfy in your favorite chair, with your kitty curled up purring on your lap. Add a hot drink and a good book or movie, and you are probably quite content! At least, that is, until Kitty starts kneading. This habit our feline friends have might be a bit painful, but it is a sign of affection. Kneading starts in kittenhood, and was part of Fluffy’s nursing routine when she was a baby. It may very well be an indication that your furball sees you as her human parent!

Talking Back

Does your kitty like to talk back? Perhaps your little furball gives you an earful if you try to cross the kitchen without refilling her food bowl, or perhaps she meows mostly to demand her dinner. Some kitties answer when spoken to, and others even like to argue! This is another sign of Kitty’s love. Once past kittenhood, our feline friends rarely meow at one another. Fluffy actually saves her meowing for humans.

Knocking Things Off Tables

This is another of Kitty’s cute quirks. If your cat is allowed to sit on coffee tables, sooner or later you’ll notice that little paw smacking things off the table. Pens, packs of gum, candies, and other small objects are all fair game. No one is sure why cats tend to do this, but our feline friends apparently enjoy it! Kitties usually only enjoy knocking things off tables when they feel secure and comfortable in their own homes.


Has your furball ever woken you up by smacking you in the face with her paws? Our feline friends take breakfast quite seriously, and there’s a good chance your kitty won’t let you sleep too late if her bowl is empty. It might be a bit rude, but this is another odd way that Fluffy shows her love. Cats only do this to those they love!

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