Suffer From Allergies? Consider an Exotic Pet

Are you prevented from owning a cat or dog because of allergies to pet hair and dander? One option may be an exotic pet! Not only are many exotics fascinating and unique, they’re often completely hypoallergenic. Here, your London, ON vet tells you about a few options.

Reptile and Amphibian Pets

Reptile and amphibian animals like lizards, frogs, snakes, geckos, turtles, and salamanders can make great pets for the allergy sufferer. While some of these pets do shed their skin, it shouldn’t cause any allergic reactions. Plus, these critters most often live in terrariums, enclosing all materials inside a glass container. Ask your vet for more information on the care of reptiles and amphibians.


While arachnid pets—tarantulas and scorpions, namely—certainly aren’t for everyone, they can make a wonderful and unique pet for the right owner. They are entirely hypoallergenic and are fascinating to watch and care for. If you would like more information on arachnid care, contact your veterinarian for help.


Fish, of course, live in water. This means that they won’t cause an allergic reaction of any sort to allergy sufferers in your family! Although fish can’t exactly be taken for walks or cuddled like other types of pets, it can be very rewarding to maintain and care for an aquarium full of fish. They’re also wonderful to watch! Consult your veterinarian for advice on both fresh and saltwater fish care.


Ferrets don’t give off dander the way dogs and cats do, so they’re quite hypoallergenic. They live in a cage much like other pocket pets, such as guinea pigs or hamsters, and will need their cage bedding changed out on a regular basis. Ferrets eat a combination of a pellet food and meat-based treats; ask your vet for further insight. Ferrets can be taken out of their cages to interact with their owners, and in fact require regular exercise through playtime.

Hermit Crabs

Hermit crabs make great “starter” pets and are good for young children. They require minimal care and can make fascinating pets because of their shell patterns and colors. In addition, they’re totally hypoallergenic! If you would like more information on hermit crab care, call your animal hospital to speak with a professional.

Does your exotic companion need veterinary care? We’re here to help with all of your pet-care needs! Set up an appointment at your London, ON animal clinic today.

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