Keep Your Pet Safe from Seasonal Spring Hazards

Is your pet excited to venture outdoors as the weather warms up? Remember: spring presents multiple hazards to be aware of! Below, your London, ON veterinarian tells you about five common pet hazards and how to keep your companion safe.


When the temperatures rise, pests like fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and worms start to come out of hiding and latch on to our animal friends. Have your pet avoid the danger entirely—set them up with seasonal or year-round pest control medications. If your pet needs this important preventive care measure, call your vet’s office for help.

Pesticide Products

Many of the same outdoor pests that pose a threat to our four-legged friends like to come indoors during the springtime. You might ward them off with pesticides or rodenticides. Remember to place these products carefully, as they can poison companion animals as well as the critters they’re designed to kill. Also be sure to keep your pet away from fertilizers, herbicides, and fungicide products.

Springtime Allergies

You’re not the only one who can suffer from springtime allergies. Pets, too, can react to substances like pollen, dander, dirt, dust, and mold. If you’ve noticed your animal friend sniffling and sneezing more than usual as the weather warms up, allergies may be to blame! Fortunately, your veterinarian can fix the problem with medication and/or preventive steps. Call the office today to learn more.

Toxic Plants and Flowers

There is quite a long list of potentially harmful plants and flowers. Some of the most common problem-plants include rhododendron/azalea, elephant ear, ivy, lilies, tulips, daffodils, chrysanthemums, dieffenbachia, oleander, various types of aloe plants, and the sago palm. Don’t allow your pet to come in contact with any harmful vegetation—remove offenders from your home, garden, or landscaping right away.

Cleaning Supplies

Doing a little cleaning as the temperatures rise? It’s best to keep your pet elsewhere until you’re done. Just about any household cleaning product—everything from tile scrub and air fresheners to carpet cleaner and common disinfectants—can harm a pet who manages to swallow enough! Also be sure to keep your supply closet closed tightly when you’re not using the products inside.

These aren’t the only springtime pet hazards out there. For more information on how to keep your pet safe and sound this season, contact your London, ON veterinarian’s office. We are here to help with all of your pet-care needs!

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