Easy DIY Scratching Posts

Does your kitty have a habit of using your furniture as a manicure station? Is Fluffy tearing up your couch or carpet? Cats have many adorable qualities, but they also have a few that don’t always go over very well with their human pals . . . such as their nail-care habits. You don’t have to spend a fortune giving your pet a manicure station, however. Read on as a local London, ON vet lists some simple scratching posts you can make yourself.

On The Wall

This one is great for people in apartments, and anyone who just doesn’t have a lot of extra room. Glue a piece of carpet to a smooth board, and then hang it on the wall. Put it just above your feline buddy’s head, so she has to stand up to use it.

Stepladder Hack

Take an old stepladder, and put boards on the steps to widen them out. Then, wrap the whole thing in sisal rope and/or carpet. Presto! Instant purr!


If you’re feeling really adventurous, you can turn an actual tree limb into a kitty tower. First, you’ll want to trim it to the shape and size you want. Next, sand it down, and make sure it’s clean and disinfected. Use a solid piece of wood to form a base. You can wrap it in sisal rope if you like.

PVC Pipe

You can use a simple piece of PVC pipe to make a manicure station for your furry little diva. You’ll need to get some scrap wood for the base. Start by tracing the pipe’s outline onto the base. Then, cut out the circle, and fix the pipe in the hole with strong glue. Next, wrap sisal rope around it, starting from the bottom up. Use more glue to secure it. Done! (Note: you can also do this with a piece of lumber.)

Hanging Board

Get a wooden board or decorative sign, and wrap sisal rope around it. Then, just hang it on your wall, just above Fluffy’s head. Voila!

Traffic Cone

This is a genius way to upcycle an old traffic cone! First, wash it well. Then, just wrap it in sisal rope. You can even hang a dangly toy from the top if you like.

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