Tips for Keeping Your Cat Indoors

Do you let your feline buddy wander freely? If so, you may want to cur-tail your pet’s adventures. Kitties are much safer staying inside! Cats that go outdoors face some very serious hazards, such as cars, wildlife and weather. But how do you convince Fluffy that the indoor life is fun? A London, ON vet offers tips below.

Make Indoor Life Fun

Many kitties like going outside. The Great Outdoors does offer Fluffy lots of stimulation, places to explore, and new spots to nap and sunbathe. (We know, Fluffy also enjoys making paw art on your car, and ignoring you when you call her.) Make sure that your home offers lots of entertainment options for your cat. Set out fun kitty toys, and get some pet furniture. Cat towers are great, as they offer our feline friends a jungle gym, napping spot, and manicure station. They also give your furball a perch from which she can supervise her servants (that would be you) and kingdom.


Indoor cats usually don’t get quite as much activity as outdoor kitties. Take time to play with Fluffy every day. Use a toy that you can control, like a laser pointer or wand toy. This will provide your pet with a great workout, and give her some mental stimulation. Playing also satisfies your furry pal’s instinctive urge to pounce on things, and will tire her out a bit.

Pet-Safe Plants

There’s no reason you can’t give Fluffy a little taste of the Great Outdoors. Set out some nontoxic plants for your furry buddy to hide behind and nibble on. You can find a full list of safe plants on the ASPCA website.

The Door

You should never punish your kitty for trying to get outdoors. This will only make Fluffy want to escape even more! Instead, make your furry little explorer a bit wary of the door. When your feline pal starts sniffing around the door, squirt her with water. You can also try making a loud noise: bang two pots together, clap your hands, or sound an alarm tone on your phone. These things won’t hurt your cat, but they will startle her and annoy her. This may make her think twice about going near the door.

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