The Golden Rules of Being a Cat

Have you ever wondered why cats always look so smug? Does Fluffy know something we don’t? As it turns out, our feline buddies actually may have a few lessons in store for us. A London, ON vet lists some of the rules of cattitude below.

Comfort Is Everything

If there is one thing cats are good at, it’s getting comfortable. Fluffy can make herself comfy on, well, pretty much anything. She also has no qualms about stealing people’s chairs or pillows, or sleeping on top of them. Comfort is a key part of kitty philosophy!

Nothing Is More Important Than Sleep

Cats certainly are sleepy. In fact, these drowsy little furballs can sleep up to 20 hours a day, though most kitties settle for a mere 12 to 14 hours. Offer your feline overlord lots of comfy beds, and make sure to get plenty of rest yourself.

Everything Is A Toy

Fluffy is a predator by nature, so she’s more or less hardwired to always be on the alert for potential prey. (Of course, your cute pet may think that a piece of paper or a bottlecap is a worthy adversary, but that’s another topic.) Make sure your feline pal always has plenty of toys, and take time to play with her daily. Playing is good for both the body and soul!

Speak Your Mind

Our furry friends can be very, very clear when it comes to letting us know their opinions on things … especially things like baths and car rides. Some cats even like to argue with their humans! Don’t be afraid to state your opinion.

Show Your Appreciation

If your housecat had an official job, it would likely be to just lounge around, look cute, and entertain you with her quirks and antics. That’s a pretty easy life! Cats really do appreciate the good care we give them. Fluffy may thank you in some rather unusual and adorable ways, like biting your toes or rubbing against your legs, as well as with cuddles and purrs. Be grateful to those who have helped you.

Be Confident

Our feline friends certainly do have that smug, self-satisfied look down pat. They can also be quite fearless. Be confident in yourself!

Is your cat due for veterinary care? Please contact us, your local London, ON pet hospital, today. We are always happy to help!

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