Fluffy’s Top 6 Questions

Did you know that January 22nd is Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day? We’re guessing probably not. Of course, if you tell your furball about this important kitty holiday, she’ll probably just yawn, lick her paw, and curl up for yet another nap. While we may never know for sure what Fluffy’s most pressing questions may be, we do have some pretty good guesses. A London, ON vet lists a few of them in this article.

Why Don’t You Let Me Out?

In the wild, cats are quite fierce little predators. However, even though Fluffy may think of herself as a tiny, ferocious lion, she’s actually quite small and vulnerable. Cars, weather, predators, and other hazards can all endanger your cute pet. Of course, your furball probably isn’t purrticularly concerned about these things.

Why Can’t I Play With That?

Fluffy may never actually hunt anything aside from a toy mouse or a dust bunny, but she still will want to practice her pouncing skills. Unfortunately, she may not realize that safety pins, plastic wrappers, or thread spools really aren’t safe toys.

Why Can’t I Sleep On That?

Kitties are always on the prowl… for new napping spots. You may very well find yourself removing your drowsy pet from your laptop or the top of your dresser.

What Are You Doing?

Our feline pals are very curious, if not outright nosy. Fluffy will follow you from room to room, supervising everything you do, and may even follow you into the bathroom. Your pet may also lend a ‘helping’ paw with things like changing sheets, packing or unpacking boxes and suitcases, or wrapping gifts.

Why Are You Making Me Go In The Car?

Fluffy will both look and feel better with regular veterinary care. We recommend that all cats be microchipped, spayed or neutered, and kept current on vaccinations, exams, and parasite control products. However, it’s probably safe to say that your feline buddy will be less than thrilled about her appointments, especially the dreaded car ride.

Why Did You Get Up?

One great thing about cats is the fact that they are so cuddly. Fluffy loves to snooze in her owner’s lap. Unfortunately, kitties just don’t understand that we can’t spend all of our time being cat furniture.

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