Common Dog Care Mistakes

Just like people, dogs are all unique, with their own personalities. While breed will play a role in your dog’s personality, a lot of it will depend very much on how he is raised, and the ground rules you set as a pet owner. Here, a London, ON vet lists some common dog care mistakes.


We know, it can be hard to resist that adorable furry face. However, if Fido’s bowl is always full, and/or if you give him a treat every time he begs, you’re really not doing your pooch any favors. Follow your vet’s nutritional recommendations, including serving sizes and suitable snacks.

Letting Fido Walk You

Does Fido haul you along when you walk him? Take time to work on his petiquette. This is not only bad doggy manners, it can actually be quite dangerous!

Lack of Socialization

One crucial aspect of raising a puppy is socialization. If little Fido isn’t exposed to new places and faces while he is still little, he could grow up to be wary or even aggressive around strangers. If you’ve recently adopted a puppy, ask your vet for tips on socializing him.


Fido is a pack animal by nature, and just really isn’t well-suited to being left alone for long periods of time. Most of us have to leave our pooches at home when we go to work to earn money for doggy treats and toys. However, it’s important to spend as much time with your pet as possible.

Not Enough Exercise

Did you know that over half of our canine companions are overweight or obese? A lack of exercise plays a large role in the expanding population of expanding pooches. Make sure Fido is getting enough activity.

Not Sticking To Rules

Being inconsistent is another common problem. If you don’t want Fido on the bed, don’t let him get away with it one day, and then scold him the next.

Lack Of Stimulation

Fido is intelligent and curious, and can quickly get bored without enough stimulation. Offering your pup lots of toys and taking time to walk and play with him daily will help prevent doggy boredom.

Not Enough Veterinary Care

Your beloved pet will both look and feel better with regular veterinary care. Ask your vet to recommend an appointment schedule.

Please call us, your London, ON vet clinic, anytime. We’re here to help!

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