6 Ways To Spoil Your Guinea Pig On Guinea Pig Appreciation Day

July 16th is Guinea Pig Appreciation Day! These little furballs are very cute and lovable pets. While Guinea pigs—or cavies, as they are also known—aren’t very large, they have some big personalities. And, just like any other animal, they need love and good care to thrive. But how does one spoil a Guinea pig? A London, ON vet offers some suggestions below.

Big Cage

Guinea pigs spend the majority of their time in their cages, so it’s no wonder that a cage upgrade is at the top of this list. We generally recommend having at least 7.5 square feet per cavy. If you have more than one, you’ll need a bigger cage. One way to increase your pet’s floor space is to get a two-story cage.


Just like any other pet, Guinea pigs love snacks! Your little furball’s diet should be based on grass hay and commercial food, supplemented with fresh produce. Fruit should only be fed in small amounts now and then, but for this special occasion, you can give your pet some banana or apple. A Vitamin C tablet may also make a good snack. Ask your vet for more information on feeding your pet, including safe and unsafe foods and suitable treats.


Did you know that in Switzerland, it’s illegal to only own one Guinea pig? That’s because cavies are very sociable, and get lonely and depressed with no buddies. If you only have one, get your furry pal a buddy or two to play with.


Guinea pigs are both curious and playful. Your tiny pet will need lots of toys to amuse himself with. This doesn’t need to cost very much, as there are some great DIY options. For example, you can make quite a few cavy toys out of toilet paper tubes. Look online for ideas and instructions.


Cozies are basically tiny tents or sleeping bags for Guinea pigs. You can buy them online, or you can also download a simple pattern and make your own.


Guinea pigs are quite cuddly, and often enjoy hanging out with their humans. Spend some time with your cute pet. Your pint-sized pal might even fall asleep on your lap!

Please contact us, your London, ON veterinary clinic, with any questions or concerns about Guinea pig care. We’re to help!

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