6 Easy Ways to Make Your Cat Happy

September is Happy, Healthy Cat Month! Kitties are very cute and lovable pets, who have a special way of putting smiles on our faces. Fluffy certainly deserves to feel happy! But what does it take to keep your feline friend content? A London, ON vet offers some suggestions in this article.


Cats usually somehow manage to get comfortable on our beds and couches, though the process of finding good napping spots is apparently very exhausting for them. Make sure Fluffy has lots of beds to snuggle up on. Store-bought beds are fine, but you can also offer your sleepy pet boxes with soft blankets or pillows in them.


If everything were up to Fluffy, you’d probably have to plant a catnip garden for her. However, your furball will be just fine with the occasional catnip mouse. You can also grow small pots of catnip for her to nibble on.


Kitty furniture benefits our feline pals in many ways. For one thing, it offers them things to climb and explore. Fluffy also enjoys having things that are just the right height and size for her. Get your furball a cat tower, or a pet tent or tipi. A good scratching post is also a must.


Fluffy may look cute and cuddly, but she’s actually a ferocious little hunter at heart. Offer your furry little buddy plenty of toys to pounce on, and take time to play with her regularly. This will benefit your cat both physically and mentally. Plus, it will be cute to watch!


We may not ever entirely figure out why cats love boxes so much. However, it’s safe to say that, for whatever reason, boxes really do please our feline overlords. Remember to bring boxes home to your furry friend on occasion. Your cute pet may also enjoy paper grocery bags. Sometimes it’s the simple things that matter most!


At the end of the day, cats are happiest when they feel loved and safe. Pay lots of attention to your pet. Talk to your kitty, even if she doesn’t talk back. Fluffy will know you’re trying to communicate, and will appreciate the effort. Cuddles and ear scritches will also keep that little motor running.

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