7 Things We Can All Learn From Dogs

Man’s Best Friend has stood by our side for thousands of years. In that time, he’s been our friend, companion, hunting buddy, and trail mate, and has helped us guard our homes and livestock. As it turns out, Fido is also a bit of a philosopher. Here, a London, ON vet lists some key principles of your canine pal’s ‘dogma.’

Live Life To The Fullest

It doesn’t take much to please our canine companions. Fido can be absolutely overjoyed at the prospect of a car ride, a walk, a play session, or just a piece of bacon. Belly rubs and ear scritches will also get that cute tail going. Carpe diem!


Our four-legged friends definitely have a strong sense of adventure. Fido loves exploring new places and sniffing unconquered patches of grass! Take a cue from your furry pal, and do some traveling. Even a short day trip may lead you to discovering a new favorite place!

Smell The Roses

Fido won’t just smell the roses: he’ll also sniff the grass, trees, and bushes. Regardless, we can still appreciate the gist of this important doggy mantra. Take time to enjoy and appreciate your surroundings.

Enjoy Yourself

Dogs are absolutely adorable when they’re bounding after their favorite ball or playing in the spray from a sprinkler. Carve out some time for just having fun!

Eat Well

Okay, Fido may take this one a bit too seriously. Many of our canine patients will happily chomp down anything and everything they can. While you don’t want to go that far, it is important to eat healthy, nourishing food. Don’t feel bad about indulging yourself with the occasional snack, either. That falls under living life to the fullest!

Be Helpful

Many pooches really like helping their humans. Of course, doggy assistance comes in many forms. Some pups have serious jobs, such as herding or tracking. Others think barking at the mailman is their most important duty. Regardless of what Fido’s ‘job’ is, he’ll always look out for you and lend a helping paw when he can.

Spend Time With Loved Ones

Fido would spend all day every day hanging out with his favorite people if he could. Carve out time for those who are important to you.

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