Fido’s Winter Wardrobe

Does your canine buddy have thin fur? If so, your pooch will probably need a jacket or sweater when it starts getting cold. There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for your four-legged companion. A London, ON vet discusses doggy fashion in this article.


Make sure your pup’s clothes fit properly. Your pet won’t be comfortable in something that is too big or too small! Take Fido’s measurements, and bring them with you when you go shopping. You may want to keep them on your phone or in your wallet, so you always have them.

DIY Options

If you like sewing, you can actually make Fido’s things. Look online for patterns. Use breathable fabrics that will be comfortable for your furry friend.


Don’t get your four-legged buddy anything that has small parts, like buttons. Fido might try to eat them, which would be very dangerous! You’ll also want to avoid outfits that restrict his vision or movements. Zippers are another no-no, as they sometimes catch on dogs’ fur. Ow!

Backup Clothes

We recommend getting your dog more than one outfit. That way, if one piece gets wet or dirty (or both) you’ll always have another one ready to go. Fido will also need jackets for a few different occasions. Get your pooch a sweater for frigid days, a raincoat for wet weather, and a lighter jacket for when it’s chilly or windy.


It probably won’t take very long for your pup’s clothes to get covered in fur. You’ll need to wash them regularly. Unless you don’t mind going to the dry cleaner, always buy things that are machine-washable.


Who says you can’t have fun dressing your pup? Consider your furry buddy’s style and personality when you go shopping. Fido may look adorable rocking your favorite team’s jersey. Or, if you have a sweet girl dog, put her in princess-pink.


Not all of our canine companions need clothes. Dogs with double coats, such as huskies and Golden retrievers, can actually overheat in jackets. (Huskies actually love the snow, but that’s another topic.) You also want to keep your pet’s personality in mind. If Fido seems scared or uncomfortable in his outfit, don’t force him to wear it.

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