Holidays With Smaller Pets

Do you have a pocket pet? Gerbils, hamsters, mice, Guinea pigs, and other small animals can really make charming little animal companions. Don’t forget about your pint-sized pal as the holidays approach! Read on as a London, ON vet offers tips on celebrating the holidays with a tiny furball.


Want to include your little buddy in the festivities? Why not decorate their cage? You can find some cute seasonal hide boxes online and in stores. A little igloo could be absolutely adorable! You can also put a seasonal backdrop behind your pet’s cage. Or, cut some plain white paper into snowflakes. Another option is to buy or make tiny boxes, and then gift-wrap them. Choose paper made with non-toxic ink.


Don’t forget to get something for your tiny pal! Chew toys are always a good bet. Many of these little furballs have open-rooted teeth, so they need to chew constantly to prevent painful dental issues. Other options include new hide boxes, playpens, toys, and, of course, bigger habitats. Treats are another great gift. Of course, every type of pet has different nutritional needs. Ask your vet for specific advice, including portion sizes and safe and unsafe foods.


Pocket pets aren’t always as charismatic as dogs and cats, but they do take some super cute photos. When taking pictures of your little furball in their habitat, angle the camera so it’s pointing down a little. This will reduce glare. If your camera has a macro setting, use that. You can also add things like tiny sleighs or Santa hats. Just remove these props as soon as you’re done taking photos. Otherwise, your pet may try to eat them!


Be very careful when letting your pint-sized pal out of their cage around the holidays. Tinsel, ornament hooks, pine needles, ribbons, candles, candy canes, and electric lights are all very dangerous to these little guys! Keep a close eye on your pet, and never leave them unattended.


Many smaller animals get very uneasy when there’s a lot of noise or commotion. If you’re hosting a holiday party, move your tiny buddy’s cage into a quiet back room before your guests arrive.

All of us here at your London, ON vet clinic want to wish you a wonderful holiday season. Please contact us with any questions or concerns about your pocket pet’s health or care.

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