Caring for a Senior Cat

Is your cat 10 or older? If so, Fluffy is officially a senior, even if she still acts like a kitten. Kitties tend to age gracefully, but your pet will need a bit of extra TLC in her golden years. Read on as a London, ON vet offers some senior cat care tips.

Comfy Beds

Senior cats are master nappers, capable of snoozing up to 20 hours a day. Provide your sleepy pet with plenty of comfy napping spots. Store-bought beds are fine, but most kitties are also perfectly content to curl up on a soft folded throw blanket on a chair or sofa. Fluffy will also appreciate a heated bed or thermal blanket in winter.


Fluffy won’t be as silly as she was as a kitten, but she’ll have some frisky moments. Playing with your furry pal regularly will keep her active and entertained.

Veterinary Care

Just like people, cats sometimes develop health issues as they age. Fluffy will benefit from more frequent appointments. You’ll also want to watch for warning signs of illness. Call your vet right away if you know or suspect your feline friend isn’t feeling well.


A proper diet is important for kitties of all ages. Ask your vet for advice on switching Fluffy over to a senior formula food. Older cats may also benefit from certain supplements, such as fish oil.

Kitty Comforts

Small touches can make a big difference when it comes to cat care. Get pet ramps to help your furball climb to her favorite perches. You can also just arrange footstools or ottomans as steps. Fluffy may also appreciate a nightlight, as well as a comfy window seat and a litterbox with low sides.


Fluffy may find it hard to groom her entire body, as she may get quite stiff and sore. Brushing her gently will help keep her coat soft and clean. This is also a good time to inspect your furry pal, and check for cuts, bruises, swelling, or sore spots.


Last but not least, make sure your kitty feels loved. Pay lots of attention to Fluffy. Talk to her, pet her, and pamper her with toys and catnip. Senior cat purrs are the best!

Please feel free to contact us, your London, ON vet clinic, for all of your senior cat’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!

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