Taking Your Work to Your Cat

June 22nd is Take Your Cat To Work Day! Of course, if you’ve been working from home—as many people are these days—every day is Take Your Cat To Work Day. As it turns out, Fluffy is a pretty good coworker … when she’s not walking across your keyboard or smacking pens off your desk. A local London, ON vet offers some tips on bringing your work to your cat in this article.

Kitty Proof Your Desk

Our feline pals are nothing if not mischievous. Fluffy may very well knock your mouse off the floor, start grooming herself on that report you just printed, or sit on your computer, possibly posting or deleting something. We recommend shortening your screen lock time as a precaution, especially if your pet likes to sit or snooze on your computer. Also, if you keep water or coffee at your desk, opt for cups with closed lids, so your furball can’t knock them over. Another thing you can do is put a box lid near your desk. This will attract and trap your furry buddy, and keep her in one spot!

Let Fluffy Inspire You

Cats are very, very sleepy. There’s a good chance that Fluffy will snooze through a good chunk of your workday. While we definitely aren’t advising you to sleep on the job, it is important to make sure that you are getting plenty of rest.

Make It Comfy

Many cats like to stick quite close to their humans. Make sure Fluffy has a comfy spot near your station. You can put a folded blanket onto a chair, or move an ottoman into that area. If possible, position this so that it’s in a sunny patch. Kitties seem to think they run on solar power, so this will give your feline buddy a chance to charge her ‘catteries.’


It’s been a rough year, to say the least. Pets are very comforting in troubled times. Petting, holding, or even looking at a purring cat can help soothe you when you are feeling anxious, scared, or sad. Make sure to take kitty snuggle breaks regularly. After all, Fluffy’s main job is providing you with cuddles and entertainment.

As your London, ON pet hospital, we’re dedicated to keeping your pet healthy, and doing our part to help our community through this difficult year. Please contact us anytime.

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