6 Commands All Dogs Should Know

Did you know that Man’s Best Friend can learn up to 250 commands? That maximum will vary somewhat from pup to pup, but most dogs can easily learn about 20. While you don’t have to teach Fido that many, there are some basic ones that all dogs should know. A London, ON vet lists the most crucial ones below.


Sit is often the first command people teach their dogs, and with good reason: it’s the easiest for Fido to learn. To show your pooch this one, hold a treat over his head, and move it up and back, so he has to look up to track it. He’ll probably naturally sit. When he does, say Sit. Then, reward him and give him his treat.


The Stay command can help you keep Fido from rushing up to strangers, approaching dangerous areas, or just following you into a spot where you don’t want him underfoot. That’s definitely a must!


Heel is important for petiquette, but it’s also a big one safety-wise, especially with larger dogs. Fido has been known to haul his humans along behind him. That can be very dangerous!


Come is also crucial. You definitely want your canine buddy to come when you call him, and not just when he hears a food wrapper. (Note: be careful not to inadvertently sabotage your training. If Fido runs off and ignores your command to Come, don’t punish him when you do catch him. This will make him more determined to escape!)

Lay Down

Dogs often get underfoot, and they also can be pretty opportunistic about open doors. Some pups also get a bit territorial when visitors arrive or when people are eating. Teaching your furry pal to Lay Down on command can help prevent awkward or unpleasant incidents. (It’s also helpful when addressing Fido’s begging habits.)

Leave It

You may also want to teach Fido the command to Leave it. This is very helpful at times. After all, you don’t want your pooch snacking on that chicken leg someone dropped at the park!


When training dogs, be patient and consistent, and work on one thing at a time. Also, offer lots of praise and treats. This will help make learning fun for Fido.

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