Celebrating Lazy Day

There’s a special holiday coming up, one that is very ‘pawpular’ among our feline friends. August 10th is National Lazy Day! If there was one thing that kitties are good at, aside from looking cute, it’s doing as little as possible. Fluffy spends most of her time just lounging about, and can sleep up to 20 hours a day! Here, a London, ON vet offers some advice on celebrating Lazy Day with cats.

Binge Watch

No perfect lazy day is complete without some binge watching. Rewatch an old favorite. You may find you pick up a lot of details you missed the first time. Of course, there’s also no shortage of great new shows and movies to check out.


Gardening may count as work to some folks, but it’s actually quite relaxing. Why not plant some catnip or cat grass seeds for your feline pal?

Beauty Session

Lazy day is all about treating yourself! Facials, mani-pedis, or massages are all possibilities. When the day is over, settle in and brush your cat to get the loose fur and dander out of her coat. This also helps make your kitty feel loved.


Smartphones have made it really easy to get some great pictures of your kitty (or anything else, for that matter.) Snap some adorable pictures of your furry little buddy, and then play around with different effects and frames. You can never have too many pet photos!


Reading is not only a great way to spend a lazy day: it’s also great for your brain! Of course, reading with cats can be a bit tricky. You may need to keep Fluffy from sleeping on your book or magazine!


Playing games is a popular lazy day hobby for people and pets. Take a few minutes to play with Fluffy. It will benefit her, both physically and mentally. Use a toy that you can control, like a laser pointer or wand toy.


Ordering dinner in is a purrfect lazy day splurge. Look for a local business to support: many of them have really struggled this year! Of course, you’ll also want to make something for your feline buddy. Fluffy would love some canned tuna or chicken in water. Store-bought treats are also fine!

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