6 Reasons to Adopt a Less-Adoptable Pet

Adopt-a-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week starts September 14th. If you’re an animal lover, as we all are, you may very well have a soft spot for the plight of unwanted pets. Why not give one a loving home? Here, a London, ON vet offers some tips on adopting a less-than-perfect pet.

They Face Difficult Odds

Sadly, many sweet, loving pets face euthanasia. It’s difficult enough for any homeless pet to get adopted, but those who don’t appeal to the average pet owner face extremely tough odds. You may find it extremely rewarding to help the pets with the slimmest chances!

Lifestyle Match

In many cases, less adoptable pets may actually be easier than other pets. For instance, a senior dog won’t need as much activity or entertainment as a puppy.

It’s A Wonderful Thing To Do

This has been a rough year, and pets have been a huge source of comfort for many of us. In tough times, sometimes the best things we can do is to help others. Sometimes when you help a pet in need, you’re also helping yourself, by bringing love and friendship into your home, and giving that one lucky animal a second chance at happiness.

Care May Be Easier Than You Think

Many people shy away from adopting less adoptable pets because they assume that such pets need more care than your average dog and cat. That isn’t necessarily the case, however. Pets are extremely adaptable. There are plenty of three-legged dogs out there having the time of their lives! We’ve also seen plenty of happy, healthy pets with vision or hearing impairments. If you’re not sure how much care a pet would need, don’t be afraid to ask.

They’re Full Of Love

Pets are very emotional, and they get quite sad and depressed in shelters. They’re also smart enough to know when someone has given them a second chance, and are often extremely loyal and loving to their saviors. You may be surprised at how quickly some of these unwanted pets can just melt your heart!

They’re Adorable!

You may find that less adoptable pets are really cute and lovable. Senior dogs, for instance, are often extremely sweet and affectionate, and really just want someone to love them!

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