When it comes to your own oral health, you take good care of your teeth and gums. You brush every day. You see a dentist once or twice a year. Otherwise, you’d be dealing with all sorts of problems, from bad breath and cavities to tooth loss and dental disease.

What about your animal friend? Doesn’t he or she deserve the same level of care and attention?

Dental care is just as important for your pet as it is for you, and it should be part of your companion’s overall health care plan. Yet, it still remains one of the most frequently overlooked services. Without regular brushing and professional dental care, bacteria can build up on the teeth and gums, eventually leading to dental disease. If left untreated, dental disease can spread infection throughout the entire body, including the heart, liver and lungs.

The good news is you can help your pet beat the odds by making a commitment to ongoing dental care. Oakridge Animal Clinic offers both routine and advanced pet dentistry services to prevent future problems and manage existing ones. Our hospital is outfitted with the most modern dental equipment and our team is well trained in cutting edge pet dentistry techniques.

We recommend that you bring your pet in once a year to have their teeth and gums examined and cleaned. Not only do these routine visits allow us to manage your companion’s current oral health, but we are also able to identify and address existing dental problems in a more timely manner. Our team is experienced in performing a number of advanced dentistry services, such as tooth extractions and oral surgery.

We’ll even show you how you can help your pet maintain good oral health at home, in between vet visits. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff would be happy to provide a demonstration of proper home brushing techniques. We can also offer advice and recommendations on certain products that you can use, such as treats and dental chews, to promote clean teeth and healthy gums. Together we’ll have your furry friend smiling pretty for years to come!