Finding out that your pet needs surgery can be a scary time for most pet owners. Chances are, when you first heard the news, a million questions ran through your mind. Will your pet be in pain? Will the procedure be safe? Will we get the results we want? How long and painful will the recovery be?

At Oakridge Animal Clinic, we understand the many questions and concerns you’re probably struggling with. Why? Because we’ve been there ourselves with our own animal family members. We know that surgery, no matter how routine it may be, can be a great source of worry and anxiety for you and your pet. That’s why we work so hard to make each surgical procedure performed at our hospital as positive and stress-free an experience as possible.

Our doctors are highly skilled and possess decades of experience performing a broad range of pet surgeries. We use the most modern equipment and techniques and always adhere to the strictest standards of safety and care.

What does all this mean for your pet? Simple. It means that your companion will be in excellent hands with our surgical team!

If you just found out that your pet needs surgery, there’s no need to panic – especially when you have the team at Oakridge in your corner! Rest assured that we’ll have your loved one fixed up and on the path to a full recovery before you know it!

What to Expect

Before we ever even wheel your pet in for surgery, we’ll conduct thorough pre-surgical screening. This is to ensure that your companion is healthy enough to proceed, and to help us identify any potential risks so that we may prepare for them ahead of time.

Once we’ve determined it’s safe to proceed, we’ll work on developing a customized pain management plan that is tailored specifically to your pet. The goal is to keep your companion as comfortable and pain-free as possible while also reducing risk at every turn. The safety and comfort of your pet is always our highest priority!

During Surgery

Once your pet has been safely sedated, the doctor will proceed with surgery, working swiftly and efficiently to achieve the best possible outcome. The entire time your pet is with us, our care team will be present to assist with surgery and monitor your companion’s well being throughout the process. Our highly skilled, experienced veterinary technicians are adept at making sure our surgical patients remain safe at all times while in our care.

Post-Surgical Care

When your pet’s surgery is complete, he or she will be relocated to our peaceful recovery area to rest comfortably. A member of our team will contact you to let you know how the procedure went, explain any important findings and arrange a time for you to come retrieve your pet. In most cases, surgical patients are able to return home the same day as their procedure. When you arrive, we’ll take as much time as needed to explain our post-surgical care instructions and answer any questions that you may have.

Surgical Referrals

Because we want to ensure that our patients always receive the best possible care and outcome, we will occasionally provide referrals to board-certified veterinary surgeons to perform complex or advanced procedures. If we feel that your pet would benefit from the care of a specialist, we’ll work with you to arrange a referral.