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Senior Cat Wellness: From the Diary of a 12-year-old Cat

By January 9, 2023 No Comments

Have you ever wondered what your senior cat is thinking?


Dear Diary,

I see the dreaded plastic box in the hallway again. It’s a sure sign of imminent teleportation to the people with white coats by way of noisy instability, sharp turns, and sudden jolting stops. I hope my humans give me the stuff that makes me relax like last time – it was so much easier to handle all the sudden strangeness with a pharmaceutical enhancer! 

Signed George, King of the House


Yes – most cats don’t like visiting the vet…and why would they? We pull them out of their cozy, safe environment and put them in a carrier that often smells like the basement or garage. Then they are jostled around as we carry them to the car and drive them to the veterinary clinic, a place that smells and sounds like a bit like Noah’s Ark. But it doesn’t have to be that way: make trips to the vet easier with some of the tips described here. Medication like gabapentin may also be considered to reduce stress for travelling cats.

Because disease is more common in later years and cats age much more quickly than we do, we want to see senior cats (over seven years old) at least twice a year to help you care for them as they deserve—like kings and queens.


Dear Diary,

Well, I was right—the teleportation occurred—in the door at the house, out the door at the strange place full of smells. But this time there were lots of treats and cuddly blankets—it  wasn’t bad although the muzak could have been better! The masseuse in the white coat was relaxing although the white-coat lady touched some spots that made me twinge. I heard her telling my human that I was in pain. Sure, I’m stiff after my long naps, prefer not to move around too much, take my time getting up the stairs and hesitate a bit before jumping on the sofa… but painful? Well maybe…but I’ll never admit it! They took some of my life energy for what the white-coat lady said were tests. Pffff! I was not impressed but it was over quickly, and I got some yummy treats so I can’t complain…too much! 

Signed George, Teleportation Survivor Extraordinaire

Our primary goal is to keep pets healthy and comfortable. In addition to a physical examination,  blood and urine tests let us look a little deeper into your stealthy cat’s health. With these samples we can detect disease earlier, often at stages that are more manageable and in some cases, even reversable! Medications or supplements for arthritis, healthy brain ageing, and other conditions may be recommended based on our findings. It’s also a good time to talk about your cat’s activities at home as mental enrichment is important as they age. Since nutrition is medicine, we can also help you decide on a healthy diet for your senior feline.


Dear Diary,


My kingdom has been transformed since my last entry: 

  • There are rugs and mats all over the place so I can get around without slipping.
  • There are water bowls everywhere so I don’t have to make a long trek for a quick drink.
  • I have a toilet on every floor—no more holding it until I can muster the energy to tackle stair mountain. And the toilets are easier to get into so that cool.
  • My bowls of food are at a more comfortable level—no more crouching to eat—and I have new food that agrees better with my tummy.
  • Best of all, there is a ramp to the big bed so I can get to my favourite sleeping spot again.

My humans also started give me a bit of liquid stuff every day. At first, I was suspicious but actually doesn’t taste too bad and I’ll admit it makes me feel like a 6-year-old again…so I’ll allow it. As such, with this renewed energy, I have resumed my royal duties of keeping my kingdom safe from bugs and red dots.

Signed King George, Chief Hunter, duties reinstated.


We want to see senior cats for regular wellness checks to help you provide them their best life.   We can provide tips for safe, comfortable home environments and ways to manage elderly kitty issues. Schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians today.

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